How to write a diary

Diary Writing is more popular than you think it is! A lot of people have meticulously been writing away every detail of their lives while you are zooming through life with no records of your personal growth! Its not too late though..start writing today!

  • You could do it the old fashioned way, with a fat, fancy notebook and a teeny lock on it or you could use your personal computer. For the net savvy folks, a blog is the way to go! There are also websites dedicated to online diary writing which provide e-calenders, mood buttons n photo upload features! (
  • Make sure the content is secure. Passwords, keys, that secret drawer in your cupboard, use all the sneak you have and HIDE your diary. This is because if your diary is vulnerable to prying eyes, you won’t be able to be completely honest. And that’s the whole POINT of a diary.
  • Write in solitude. No rules regarding time though! Write whenever you feel the need to and have a few minutes at hand. The whole after-brushing-pre-sleeping diary routine is cliched and unrealistic.
  • Include dates, events, specific reactions to events, ambitious lists you might draw up, goals, weight loss targets! These records turn into a great private joke book as the months go by!
  • You can write real names of the people you interact with or name them with a code that you alone can tell who you are referring to. Reason why name codes should be used is that, often, people make negative comments in their diaries that are later on discovered and can hurt other people’s feelings.
  • Diaries help you vent. Anger, disappointment, fear…the Diary God makes it go away. Often when you write, you can think clearer and you may find the actual cause of your negative emotion and find ways to deal with it.
  • With Diaries, the better the mood you are in, the less often you tend to write.Details of ‘good days’ often get forgotten. So when you can’t write coz you are busy having the time of your life, put in photographs and other memorabilia in your diary.



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