How to use plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are known for the non-eco friendliness. However there are many ways we can utilize them in order to make our houses more beautiful or decorative. Here are some tips and ideas on how to use plastic bottles in an eco-friendly manner.

Gardening – If you have a small balcony or a place where you can grow some small plants, you can utilize your used plastic bottles of cold drinks or mineral water to plant some seeds. First you must wash the bottle with water and keep to dry for a couple of days until the smell of drink is gone. If it is a water bottle then you need not wash it. These bottles serve as great containers for small plants that do not require much soil such as orchids or money plants.  You can cut the bottle at the top and make a big enough opening for the plant to grow out of. Fill some soil and some water and plant a seed such as ferns or coriander or even beans. You can hang the bottles using a rope on you balcony or just simply place them on the floor.

Candle Stands – You can make candle stands by cutting the bottle and filling it wax. You can also decorate it with adding some gold or silver sparklers. Plastic bottles make fabulous candle stands.

Decorating – You can use colorful plastic bottles of cold drinks such as 7up, sprite or the neon pack of Mountain Dew to decorate your room with lightings. You can cut the parts of the bottle and attach them together to create a shape.

Lighting – You can use the colored plastic bottles to make your home lighting a little more interesting. Cut the bottles and fit a lamp inside it. You should make sure that the lamp does not touch the bottle as it will get hot and melt.

Photo Holder – Use can use a plastic bottle to make a photo holder.




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