How to travel on budget

In this fast paced and competitive world, travelling is a time consuming and utterly expensive, an extravagance. However, travelling can’t be generalized as expending preposterous quantity of capital on overpriced hotels and travel reconciliation.With the knowledge of where, when and how to plan the excursion, one can cut the expenses.Here are some finance-friendly alternatives, which will help you plan your travel budget in a positive manner:

  • Plan the budget

Decide whether you want a trip with 5 star hotels and lots of stops and restaurant meal or minimal stops and living in hostels with homemade food. For lower budget, prefer the latter one.

  • Prefer travelling in the off-season

During off seasons, the accommodations are not in demand due to lack of tourists, hence cuts your expenditure.

  • Plan you travel

Internet is a good source for the details of airways; railways etc. Acquire benefit of the budget airlines or travel tours packages.

Air travel is generally the most expensive way of travelling. Use flight evaluation websites and/or flight brokers. Avoid baggage fees.

Cruises can be economical if the food and lodgings are provided. Use internet to compare cruise prices.

  • Examine fine accommodation deals

Get list of hostels/hotels in the place you want to visit. It needn’t be of the superior class, since it’s just a place to sleep.

Consider sleeper coaches in transport vehicles, to merge the journey with habitation.

Avoid add-on hotel charges.

  • Give a thought about living with friends/relatives

Find out if you can reside with your friends or relatives to save the accommodation expenditure.

  • Spend your time economically

Walk around for travelling small distances, instead of using a bus or car transportation.

Visit free/cheap attractions, avoiding inconsiderably high entry charge places.

Visit the visitor information centres, so that information on tourist packages or the guidance on the travel plan can be attained.

Ask for suggestion from the local people for where to visit and how to reach there.

  • Avoid having a meal out while travelling

This way, most of the expense can be avoided. Take packet food or home-made item while travelling.

  • Avoid shopping

Let the photographs be the souvenirs, don’t buy them.

Since you are travelling for adventure and not shopping, avoid buying unnecessary things such as attires, accessories. Restrict yourself to buying only particular specialities of a any place.

  • Book the room for a night

If the internet booking is done for the lodging, book it for a night only so that you will have the place to stay for the night and also, you can search for cheaper place.

  • Use every relevant price cut

Some hotels provide discounts to the senior citizens and/or military people or other reserved classes. If you are a part of the group, take the advantage.

Avoid paying for kids. Most of the hotels provide free kids stay and hence, it can greatly reduce the amount of money that is to be paid.

Travelling can be cheap if planned correctly. The notion of spending insurmountable amount of money for travelling is not appreciated by the middle-class people, so one should plan it in a way that at least it is economical as well as a stimulating and valued trip. And this can be achieved easily by simply keeping the above mentioned points in mind. So enjoy your trip without any economic worries next time, by simply paying heed to the above mentioned tips!



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