How to top sat exams

Taking any test is difficult. We all know that for a fact. But preparing for a test individually will help you out on the composite score, because each type of standardized test is set up with it’s own set of rules.

The SAT has it’s own set of rules that you must know in order to score effectively. Luckily, I have SAT test tips for you right here that will maximize your time because they follow the SAT rules. Read on for SAT score boosters!

1.Use Process of Elimination (POE). Get rid of as many wrong choices as you can on the SAT before answering a question. Wrong answers are often easier to find. Look for extremes like “never” “only” “always” in Critical Reading; Look for opposites in the Math section like a substitution of –1 for 1. Look for words that sound similar in the Writing section like “conjunctive” and “subjunctive.”

2.Answer every question only if you can eliminate answer choices.The smartest thing to do is to only answer a question if you can use a process of elimination and get rid of two or three answer choices.

3.Leave any question blank where you can’t identify at least one wrong choice, except for the math grid-ins. There will be questions (not too many) on the test that you’ll have no idea how to answer. None of the answer choices will seem familiar; you may not have ever even heard the words listed below. If you can’t eliminate even one wrong choice from the answers, leave the question blank, except for the math grid-ins, where there is no penalty for guessing. On every other section, you’ll get zero points for a blank question, which is better than a quarter point reduction for guessing incorrectly.

4.Write in the test booklet. Use your pencil to physically scratch out wrong choices, write down formulas and equations, solve math problems, outline, and paraphrase and underline to help you read. No one is going to read what you wrote in the test booklet, so use it to your advantage.

5. Transfer your questions at the end of each section. Instead of going back and forth between the scant Ron and the test booklet, just write your answers in the test booklet and transfer them over at the end of every section/page. You’ll make fewer mistakes and save time.



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