How to throw a New Year’s House Party

Considering the fact the New Year’s is quite near, you better start planning your house party if you are planning to throw one. Here is how it can be done:

Talk to your friends about it

First you should make sure that your friends are available for the day you are throwing the party. In this case it is the 31st of December. You should make sure that you have called those people who you really want to spend your new year with. Make sure you get a group of people that go together well to avoid fights. Make sure you have a theme for your party. It could be a formal or an n informal party. You should find out what kind of music your friends listen to and play the best type of music in your party.

Sending Invitations

You should publicize your party amongst friends and those who you want to invite by sending Invitations by giving them a call or just a sms. Make sure that you mention in your invitation that they should reply to you by a specific date if they will be coming for the party or not. Mention the theme of the party in the invitation so that the guests will not be confused about it.

Snacks and drinks

Every New Year Party has got to have it s light snacks, cocktails, beer and finger foods. In New Year parties, people will be dancing and having a good time instead of sitting somewhere and eating. So make sure you got the kind of snack that goes well with the drinks and the theme of your party.  The following snacks are good for a New Year Party; Nachos, salsa, chips, Nuts, Vegetable and dip, Chicken wings, Mini Pizzas, Pigs in a blanket, cheese balls, etc. you can find most of these items outside in restaurants but just make sure you place your order in advance. You can also make a barbeque party in case the party is more family oriented.

Something that you should remember is to use paper cups, plates and plastic cutlery so that you won’t have to go through the washing process next morning. This also helps avoiding things from breaking.


This is most important part of any New Year party is the alcohol that you are going to need. Do your alcohol shopping in advance and make sure you’ve got enough of booze. Get more than you are going to need as the most disappointing incident in a party is to run out of booze.



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