How to Stop Hair Fall and Get Healthy Hairs Back?

It is quite uncomfortable to see a bunch of hairs in our hair brush or comb or towel or on the floor. They might be a sign of abnormal hair fall. Finding a few hairs in the comb is ok as it is a process of regrowth but when you see your hairs everywhere then don’t ignore them. If the hair fall is seasonal or can say every year same time you have hair fall then it is not a thing to worry. But if all of a sudden you see bunches of hairs falling down then need to look into the matter.

What to do to prevent hair fall?

  • Maintain hygiene – Wash your hairs frequently so that all the dirt and chemicals can be removed from the hairs. For drying the hair, don’t use a blow drier. Let them dry naturally. This is the best way to dry hairs.
  • Don’t brush wet hairs –When you brush wet hairs they come out very easily. Comb on dry hairs only as it will help reduce hair fall.
  • Use natural products – While using hair shampoos look for natural products rather than chemical based products. Dried amla and reetha powder boiled in water and that water is used as a shampoo.
  • Say no to hair treatments – Avoid hair treatments as they can lead to permanent hair damage and severe hair fall. Let the hairs be natural. Once in a while it is ok but frequent treatments, colouring and styling is not good for hair health.
  • Find a way out to your stressful life by adopting good habits like timely eating, exercising, regular walking and meditation.
  • Cover your hairs while in the sun and pollution as it can save hairs up to an extent from sunlight and pollution.
  • Take a balanced diet full of vitamins, proteins and calcium. Fruits and leafy vegetables should be a part of your regular diet. Take as much as fluids as you can as it helps to hydrate your hair and skin.
  • Do hair oil massage always before washing your hairs. Coconut oil is best to use.
  • Wash hairs with cold water only as hot water can make them dry and rough.
  • Rubbing the scalp with finger tips energises the blood circulation of the scalp.
  • Rubbing your finger nails against each other in free time is a good exercise to give good health to your hair.
  • Coconut milk application once or twice a week can help to regrow the hairs.
  • Very effective and tried – Castor oil can also be used as hair oil for fast growing of hairs.
  • Applying curd on your hair once a week can be a good natural shiner.
  • In spite of taking utmost care of your hair still you feel that it is not helping then you must visit the doctor as it can be a sign of something more like you can have thyroid problem that you don’t know. It can be treated easily by taking some oral medications.
  • You can have an infection in the scalp that a doctor (dermatologist) can tell you. It needs to be taken care of otherwise it can cause baldness.



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