How to stay cool in summer

The summer is here and the weather is hotter than ever. Some people have air conditioners at home and some of us don’t including me. It is very nice with air conditioning and you can stay cool all the time. If you do not have an Air conditioner in your room but you want to stay cool in summer, you can do so by simply following the steps below. Here are the ways to stay in summer without air conditioner: –

Water – Water is the most natural way to stay cool in heat and it is very effective.

  • You should stay hydrated at all times by drinking water frequently. You should drink 2 glasses of water every half an hour.
  • Keep the back of your neck away from heat or direct sunlight by wearing a cap backward, raising your collar or by putting a wet handkerchief on it. Our body temperature control system is located at the back of our neck and we can stay cool by keeping that part cool
  • Place an icepack behind your head.
  • Wet your hair with water.
  • Start using a portable small fan, also known as misting fan.
  • Soak your Shirt or T-shirt in water and wear it.
  • Wash your arms and legs with cold water.
  • If you have a bathtub, fill it with cold water and get in.
  • While sleeping you can place your mattress on the floor and sleep. That way you will stay cooler.
  • Take shower with cold water.

Dress – You can control your body temperature by dressing appropriately according to the weather.

  • If the situation allows you, do not wear anything. For example: if you are at a beach, wear shorts without any shirt or if you are at home and you can stay without cloths, then do so.
  • Wear loosely-woven natural fabric such as cotton, silk and linen.
  • Light colored cloths like white are best for summer.
  • Cover your head from direct sunlight and other sources of heat
  • Cut your hair short or tie it up.

At Home – You can lower your room temperature without air conditioners. Here is how: –

  • Cover your furniture with white fabrics especially the ones that are made of leather.
  • Position you ceiling fans well. They should be kept in way that they push the heat out.
  • If you have a stove fan, you can keep it on in order to get the heat out.
  • Open windows at night and close them during the day so that the sunlight won’t increase your room’s temperature.
  • Wet you curtains in a bucket and hang them again.
  • Make some ice and keep them in front of the fan in a way that the cold wind hits you.
  • Plant trees in your garden
  • If you have a balcony, wash its walls and floor with water.

Just try to enjoy the summer by playing with water and ice to stay cool and look at it in a positive way.



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