How to Start a Restaurant in India

Starting a restaurant or being a restaurateur in India might seem to be an amazing and a very profitable idea. Specially in a place like India where restaurant dominate our society at large and where almost every type of cuisine, call it Indian, Chinese or even Mexican, every cuisine will surely find its section of customers in almost every nook and corner of the country. Starting up a business of a fast food joint or a proper restaurant might seem very easy, unless questions pop up in your mind, such as what would be the start up costs, or what permits would be needed to open a restaurant business, or the kind the corporate structure one needs to choose. Here are some tips which would lead you to start up your restaurant business in India, efficiently, providing you with bag full of profitable margins and a pocket full of satisfaction.

Create a business plan. Come up with your business’ mission and vision in a couple of pages, and thus zero down to your financial policies and plan, operational plans and marketing plans. This would also include in deciding what type of restaurant you would want to introduce and also how different would your business be from the others.

Financing your business is an essentially important step towards insuring your business. Any business has it ups and downs, and so has the restaurant of business been fluctuating in the society. Thus it is very important to get your restaurant insured by taking loans from some commercial banks. Work out as to how much of start up capital would be required for the business. Calculate the lease p-payments, suppliers, insurance utilities, permits, renovation and payroll as well as the equipment costs.

Apply for all the applicable business license and permits. First of all, try acquiring a trade license from the Municipal Corporation of your locality. Then, apply for an eating house license from the Licensing Police Commissioner in your area. Get a playing of music in restaurants license from the Indian Performing Right Society if you intend to play copyrighted music in your restaurant to fit in the ambience. Acquire all the necessary zoning, health and building permits from the municipal and health authority in your locality and also make sure to check with the National Restaurant Association of India for comprehensive details on licensing requirements.

Go for a wise choice for the location of your restaurant. It is necessary to know the eating habits of the people living in the area in which you desire to set up your restaurant business, which will in turn help you create the idea and frame your menu in a much better way. Make sure that the area and locality you choose has a good atmosphere, is relatively calm and clean, has a good view, has easy access and is not a remote area and has an adequate parking lot. If you choose to set up junk fast food joints like burgers or pizzas, setting up such a business inside a mall is usually preferred.

Do your research properly. It is important to know what you are doing and whether whatever you are doing has demand in the market or no. and to relies this concept, one needs to do the SWOT analysis, wherein just try to analyze the strengths of your restaurant (how different is your business from the others), the weakness and rectify them, the opportunities you acquire and also analyze as to what opportunity your competitors might gain with your flaws, and finally what are the factors that can threaten your business and how you need to adjust to the dynamic environment outside your business.

Try giving the customers what they want and not what you want. Once you set up your restaurant in a particular locality, please refrain from using your creative and innovative out of the box ideas and try changing the people’s taste and style of cooking through your restaurant, as that would take hell of a time and probably might take you under a sway of losses. Therefore, instead of trying and changing your customer’s interest, work your restaurant according to their choice. This will not only help you last in that locality in the long run but would also give you the opportunity to better the quality of the services and food you offer.




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