How to solve the problem of squeaking doors?

While renovating the furniture of our house, we often tend to ignore the maintenance and outlook of the doors. This negligence results in creaking and screeching of the doors.


Why do doors squeak?

There is no particular theory that can answer this question. However, experts say that this sound is caused by the door hinges. A door hinge is nothing but the door joint. The pieces of a door hinge are of metal. They slide over each other and this results into vibration. The door attached to the hinge acts as the soundboard to initiate and increase the squeaking sound.

How to solve this problem?

Some of the easy, at-home solutions to solve this problem are as stated below:

  • Apply some oil on the hinges.
  • Rub some of the candle wax on the pins of the door hinges. Also, rub the same on the places where the hinges conjoin with each other.
  • Apply some lubricant where the knuckles fold over.
  • Pull the pin and apply some Vaseline or petroleum jelly.
  • Using aerosol–lubricating oil on the hinges is one of the highly recommended solutions. Spray this lubricating oil on directly on the hinge, then open and close the door for a few times. This will immediately stop the squeaking of the door.
  • In worst cases, you can remove the hinge from the door. Slide out the hinge pin. Rub this pin properly with a woolen or a cotton wire. Replace it back on the door and then spray some lubricant on it.
  • At times, bent hinge pins can cause the squeaking. In such cases, remove the pins and straighten it with a hammer. Place it back again,
  • Remove the hinge pin and rub it properly with a regular soap bar. Place the pin back.
  • Sometimes, discarding the old pins and replacing it with the new ones can solve the problem.
  • In other cases, the entire door is likely to have small or big problems. In such cases, get rid of your old door and replace it with a new one.

Rust is the root cause behind most of the door problems. Immediate measures should be taken to avoid the rust on the doors to avoid further problems.




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