How to See Who Views your Facebook Profile

There are many apps on Facebook which promise you the ability to see who checks your Facebook profile but not even a single one of them delivers. There are various reasons behind wanting to know who is checking your Facebook profile such as; to see if your ex is checking up on you or if anyone looking at your pictures and many more. No matter the circumstances you should not trust any of the apps on Facebook that offer you the ability to see who views your profile. These apps will take your Facebook password or spam your friends using your Facebook wall. These apps are against the Facebook privacy rules and cannot be effective.

There have also been many discussions about this app called “fan check” which is said to be an application which allows you to see who has viewed your profile. Does fan check work? Well, I have tried this app and it does not work. In order to get over this topic once and for all you can go on your Facebook profile in privacy and you will get a message containing the following:

  •   Pokes
  • Messages
  • Whose profile you view
  • Whose photos you view
  • Whose notes you read
  • Groups and Events you decline to join
  • People you reject as friends
  • People you remove from your friends
  • Notes and photos you delete

This means that Facebook does not give you the right to see who views your profile.

While you are viewing a friend’s profile, all the applications are in fact cache and static which means that they do not run any code by default. This means that there is no way of finding out who views your Facebook profile.





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