How to run android apps on Windows

I’m sure that all Android based smartphone users would really prefer testing their apps before downloading them from the Android Market place to their phones. This way you can avoid unnecessary apps that take the space on your phone and SD card. Some of us also wish to play some of the cool games that are available for the android based smartphones on a larger display like a PC. Well this is very much possible. You can play android games on your windows based PC using a free and very simple software called BlueStacks. Here is how to do it: –
BlueStacks is basically an app-player software for Windows, through which you can play Android apps even faster than it is done on an Android based mobile phone and that too, on a full-screen of your laptop or desktop.

BlueStacks has pre installed apps and you can add 26 more. You can even push your favorite apps directly from your phone onto the PC using an Android app via internet route. You can find BlueStacks on the internet and download on your computer and get it installed. The software is actually a simple virtual Android operating system and it uses the PC’s resources such as its processor, internet connection, mouse, keyboard and audio card. After the installation there will be a folder on your PC consisting of all the necessary files and data for the use of BlueStacks. These include the kernel, data, system, boot and storage (SD card).

After the installation you can see all application running the Android OS. By clicking on widget on your screen you will be about to see all the installed Android apps on your computer. This software is quite user friendly and easy to use. You will know what to do once you have installed BlueStacks on your computer.




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