How to protect your gold jewelry?

‘Gold’ – a word which would bring a sparkle to the eyes of any women on the planet.From showcasing royalty to exhibiting affluence, Gold serves all the purpose in the world. Moreover, this metal is the cynosure of interest in Indian weddings. The first gift you might want to receive from your spouse would probably be 24 karat gold ring which fits you perfectly. It’s gold that adorns the beauty of women. It adds grace and charm to her look. Owning gold jewelry gives her an immense sense of pride. It’s her most valued possession as well.

Filling your jewel box with golden accessories is not enough, you must take good care of it so that it stays safe for a lifetime.

Following are some of the tips on how to protect and care for your gold jewelry:

  • Take off your gold jewelry before going for a bath or doing household chores
  • Do not wear artistic gold jewelries for daily use
  • Make sure to clean your jewelry with a mild detergent and a brush every six months
  • Do not expose your gold jewelry to any harmful chemicals which may cause it to lose sheen
  • If your gold jewelry has diamonds embedded in it, make sure you keep it away from high temperature zones. At times moisture causes the shiny coating to fade off
  • To remove stains from your jewelry, mix washing powder in lukewarm water and brush the gold jewelry with this liquid
  • Make sure to remove all your gold jewelry before you take a swim. The chlorine in the water is sure to degrade the shine and quality of your valuable
  • Storing the gold jewelry is important as well. Instead of just stuffing your gold jewelry into the box, place cotton padding inside the box then neatly place your jewelry over this seat
  •  Place jewelry in their respective holders provided within the box
  • If the stain on your jewelry doesn’t go with hand wash give it for cleaning to some trustworthy jewelry shop for machine cleaning.

Just merely cleaning and preserving your gold jewelry is not enough, it is necessary to safeguard it from external threats as well. You may adorn yourself from top to bottom with gold jewelry while going for a dinner party or marriage. Make sure you cover yourself with scarves and jerkins while traveling. Once you reach the venue remove your protective shield. The worst of threat that your gold jewelry faces is the fear of theft. Make sure you do not advertise your jewelry to chain snatchers and thieves while commuting on daily basis. Wearing gold to your workplace or college is fun. Make sure you protect it as well from damage and threat to pass it on to the next generation as a symbol of an inveterate legacy!




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