How to prolong the life of your Car’s engine

It makes perfect sense to keep your vehicle in good condition by driving it well and taking care of it. If you do not want to spend on your car too much then you have to make sure that it remains in a good condition. You can do so by maintaining your cars routine servicing like oil change and other services to avoid mechanical failure in the future. Also something that you should always keep in mind is the fact that your vehicle’s life spam and fuel economy is directly affected by the way you drive. As you know a new engine costs a lot and if you take care of your current engine well it will surely be worth it in the long run. Here are a few tips on how to drive in way so that your engine will remain in good condition: –

  • Initial stages – You should be gentle with a newly manufactured vehicle, at least until the first 2,000 km get over. The time during the first 2000 km of a car are known as break in period. Of course everyone would like test their new car and see what it can do on the high way. So try to stay in a low RPM range but keep changing your driving speed from time to time. Do not stay at one gear or speed and try to utilize the entire engine’s performance. Also read the owner’s manual very carefully before you start driving. If you are good and gentle to your car’s engine, you will not end up spending a lot in a long run and your engine will even last much longer.
  •  Keep it light – small cars with small engines do not have a good towing power so keep your vehicle light while driving. If you keep heavy and big objects in the car, you will create an extra strain on the engine which can damage your car and reduce its life spam. Also remember not to take in more than 5 passengers.
  •  Shifting gears – If your car has a manual gear transmission then you should learn how to shift gears properly.  It is very important to keep your car in the right gear while driving. Do not put too much pressure on the car by staying at one gear. You should also learn how slow a car down without using the break. You can do so by making a downshift and removing your foot from the accelerator. This will lower your RPM and slow your car down.
  •  Speeding – By speeding you are not only putting your life and other’s lives in danger, but destroying your engine slowly. High speed is bad for engine as it makes it work harder and faster than its normal routine which is very bad for it.
  •  Warm up on cold days – If your car has been out all night and it was cold, after starting your car, let it warm up and then proceed to driving.




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