How to Pick and decorate your Christmas tree

Once Christmas is near, you have got to start thinking about picking a tree. Before doing so you are going need to do some research. First find out how spacious is the room that you are planning to keep the tree at. Choose the tree big or small enough to fit in the room perfectly. Make sure you do not place it near places where there are heat sources such as heater, fire place, TV, etc.

Once you have chosen your Christmas tree, you are going to need to decorate it to make it look Christmassy. Here are some tips on how to make your Christmas tree look beautiful. But make sure that you are doing this work passionately. This is something that must be done with love for your family.

Keep the tree fresh –

Make sure that you cut the stump of the tree that you have chosen and keep it in water as soon as possible. It is very important to keep the tree in water immediately and make sure that you refill the water regularly throughout the holidays.

Preservative –

There are various type preservatives that will keep your Christmas tree alive and fresh throughout. You can use these products.

Decoration and lighting –

You can purchase various types of decorating lights, garlands and ornaments and a star for top of the tree. While you are decorating the tree ensure that you place lights before the garlands and ornaments.

Working inside out –

Start the decoration from the base of the tree i.e. the lower part of the tree. Put lights inside the branches first, fill it up and then move to the edges of the branches. This will make your work much easier.

Placing the Ornaments –

Make sure that you are not hanging all the ornaments on the tip of the branches of your tree. They should be placed inside to give your tree a shinny look from the inside.  You can also start by keeping the filler ornaments spread around all the branches of the tree.  This includes the color shinny balls which by the way can be found at any store in various colors and designs. You are going to require about 20 filler ornaments for every 2 feet of your Christmas tree.

Special Ornaments –

You can start collecting your ornaments before Christmas. There are some special themed ornaments that you can collect and place it on your Christmas tree later on. You’ll need about 10 of such ornaments for every 2 feet of your Christmas tree.




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