How to overcome your Depression

Depression is fundamentally a state of mind or a low mood that can affect one’s mental well-being, feelings, behavior and even physical health. There are various feelings that one can get while being depressed; feelings such as grief, anxiousness, desperation, guilt, agitation. Many people, while being depressed, lose their interest in hobbies and activities that once they took pleasure in. Depression can lead to problems like insomnia, over-sleeping, exhaustion, loss of energy, body or headaches, digestive issues, etc.

Sometime depression is considered as a normal response of a person to certain events and happenings. For example; death of a close member of the family or a friend could be the cause to a person’s depression problems.

There are various types of treatments available for depression such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, music treatment, art treatment, group healing, animal aided therapy, physical exercise, etc. but after all it is up to you to overcome your depression. Here are some tips on how to deal with this common problem:

Get out-
Make sure that you spend about half an hour of your time outdoors in the sunlight every day. You can go for walks (if you have a pet, you can take him for walks), or you can go jogging in a park located near your place. Spending time outside in the sunlight will help you stay active. Make sure that you are not wearing sun glasses while you are outside.

You should keep your body healthy by exercising everyday regularly. As I said before, you can go for jogging or just join the fitness club that is closest to your place. You can also exercise at home. Exercising helps you keep healthy.

You should think about what you want in the near future and set some goals for yourself. Start thinking what you would like to achieve.

Sleep well-
Make sure you get your sleep at night. Being rested helps you stay healthy and more focused. So get enough rest. You should sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Play an instrument-
If you do not know how to play any musical instrument, pick one. First find out which musical instrument you would like to learn and then join classes and start playing some songs. This will help you stay positive.

Meet your friends and people who make you feel good. If the friends that you have are judgmental about things which bother you, you should tell them that they are being judgmental and you need them to be more supportive of you. Good friends will always help you out of problems like depression.




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