How to overcome shyness?

First thing you must know about shyness is the fact that you are not alone. Almost everyone is shy at least about a few things and it is a common problem. If you want to overcome and beat shyness you will need to put some effort and have the desire to change. Here is how to overcome shyness: –

The first step to overcome shyness is to know what makes you feel shy. It could be anything from public speaking, learning a new skill, a party etc. You need to know what the thoughts that make you feel shy are at such situations. Know your weak points and try not to think of the thought by telling yourself “you can do this”.

After this you need to work on your self-confidence by knowing what you are good at and what you can do best. Instead of thinking about how you look, sound and seem, think of what you are good at and get some confidence out of it. By this I do not mean that you should go and show off any of your special skills.  You should hang out with people who you are comfortable with and you can be yourself while they appreciate you.

By looking approachable and confident you can also overcome your shyness. Smile at others and make simple eye contacts.

Practice a good posture and speak clearly. If you stand tall and speak clearly, you show that you are confident about yourself. You should also laugh more often but only at things that you find really funny. Laughing will make you feel more relaxed.

After all this, it is time to do some practices. You can start by listing a few things that make you feel shy. You should start with the minor ones and work up your way to ones that make you really anxious and shy.

Practice by introducing yourself to new people every day. Try to make some new friends with some people that you share a few interests. Also you should try new and interesting things such as sky diving or taking a trip alone. This will help you have a story to tell while making a conversation.

You should never compare yourself with others as everyone is different. If you stick to these guidelines and do not let loose you will surely make it through and you will be able to beat shyness.



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