How to Minimise Shot Pain in Babies – New Findings

It is really painful sight to see babies and infants getting immunisation shots. While taking the shots at such a tender age the pain they go through can be reduced. You can help them tolerate the pain by giving them a sugar solution. After all who wants to see their babies to go through such a pain and cry later?

A new report is released online on may 12 in the “Archives of Disease in Childhood”. The findings of 14 studies are being reviewed by researchers from Canada, Australia and Brazil. In these studies 1674 injections were given to children 1 year and younger. In thirteen of the studies it is found that the babies who were given a bit of sugary solution were crying less after immunisation than those who were given water or nothing. The study also found that the babies who were given thirty percent glucose in the solution were about half as likely to cry.

All health care professionals who administer immunisation should consider this option as it can help the babies. The doctors who supervise the infants and babies immunisation should insist on using the sucrose or glucose solutions during painful procedures. The study author Denise Harrison of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, concluded.

Advantages of using sucrose or glucose solution

  • First of all it helps babies/infants to cope the pain they have to go through at the time of immunisation.
  • The taste of the solution is sweet. Babies can easily take it.
  • It has a very short onset of time to analgesia.
  • It is readily available at any time.
  • It is quite inexpensive and affordable to anybody.
  • Easy to administer and does not have any side effects.

So next time you go for immunisation of your baby ask your doctor about the glucose solution used to minimise the shot pain and help your baby.



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