How to master the art of public speaking

Public speaking has been labelled as an ‘art’ for the obvious reasons that not everyone has the talent and skills to be a good orator who can keep his audience hooked for hours, to each and every word he speaks. But these skills can be procured and incorporated into anyone over a period of time, with practice and right approach.

‘Public speaking’- For many people, mere mention of these 2 words, would trigger adrenaline rush, increase rate ofheart beats and high blood pressure. If you are amongst those people who start sweating, trembling and go numb when asked to face an audience and speak, then you have indeed landed up on the right page!  And you’re likely to be suffering from glossophobia i.e the fear of public speaking.

This ‘fear factor’ is the prime reason why majority people in spite of being confident and competent enough in all other fields fail to master the art of public speaking.But trust me; it is not as frightening and as tough as it appears to you. It is just a game of few tricks and tips here and there that need to be followed. So, here’s your golden guide to ‘mastering the art of public speaking’:

  • Observe and learn from the best public speakers;be it your friends, colleagues or famous personalities.
  • Know your subject matter properly; you should have a good idea of the topic you are going to talk about, else you will lose confidence while talking as you will be unsure about your knowledge.
  • Personality checks; Make sure you look presentable enough in front of the audience. Untidy appearance or wardrobe malfunction often distracts the audience in a negative way.
  • Practice makes a man perfect; in public speaking how you speak is far more important than what you speak. It is very crucial to deliver a good speech with great presentation which comes with practice. Keep practicing in front of the mirror until you feel contended and also observe yourself. Make sure you look presentable and check if your expressions go along with what you speak.
  • Stay calm and composed; Take a deep breath and calm down yourself before you start speaking. Take a random look at your audience, greet them and start speaking. Even if you commit a mistake, politely apologise for the same, correct it and continue talking casually.
  • Address your audience; Try making random eye contact with your audience or simply look in their direction so that they feel you are addressing and talking to them.
  • Storytelling and laughing; Include stories or small incidents in your speech to which the audience can relate to. People always prefer listening to stories and incidents over long monotonous speeches. To add cherry on the cake, integrate some humour into your speech. This will increase your audience involvement.
  • Talk to your audience; Make your speech sound more like a talk. Ask questions to the audience and make your speech interactive to grab maximum attention of the audience.
  • Watch your tone and pace; don’t speak in a mundane way. Bring variations in your tone, pitch, inflection, emphasis, pace, and emotions.
  • Avoid stammering, self-praising and bragging during a speech.
  • Last but not the least; enjoy your speech and interaction with the audience.

These are simple golden steps towards getting rid of glossophobia. These tips will help you not label public speaking as a taboo anymore. So just follow them and hypnotize the audience with your aura and influence!



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