How to make money out of blogging for free

There are various ways of making money online without having to pay a dime and blogging is one of them.  Here are some tips on how to make money online blogging for free.

1. By blogging you can share information with others in a fun way in which you can make some money. You can even make blogging your full time job as it is done by many. There are various ways of making money out of blogging.

2. You can start by getting a blog for yourself from any free blogging service such as blogger or WordPress. You should create your blog and get it updated regularly with a short spam. This way your blog will grow in the search engine rankings and it will be easier for people to find it. You should make sure that you update your blog frequently.

3. You should start using online advertising programs such as Google adsense to keep relevant ads in your blog. You can also sign up for any of these programs and research different ways for advertising on webpages. You must know about keywords to make sure you ads will match the content of your blog.

4. There are online affiliate programs that let your advertise or publicize on your blog the products or services offered by other websites this way you can also earn some commission from each successful sale made through the link on your wall. You can find affiliate programs at and But make sure that you choose products or services that relate to your content available on your blog. This way the reader will be interested in purchasing the product or service that you are advertising for.

5. You can also advertise your other online content. If you have a website and simultaneously work or another website you can also advertise your own work on your blog and drive the traffic to other content.

Here are the three of the most common mistakes that bloggers make and you should avoid them.

1. Do not fall prey to the mantra – The quantity of your content is not important. You should always keep in mind that content is king and maintain a good quality content in your blog.

2. Do not forget that style matters – Remember to keep a style in your blog and make it look good. It should be simple and stylish.

3. Lead the discussion – You should know that your content is very important and after posting anything to your blog you should end it with questions that will get the readers to comment such as:-

   What do you think?
•   What have I missed?
•   What has been your experience with …..?
•   The next time you………… what would you consider doing differently?




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