How to make money in YouTube

What is money?? That rumpled piece of paper in your pocket that the world bows to its power? The answer lies within you. You know it best, the way you adapt the methods to outgrow yourself. Well, youtube can be considered as one such sources of making MONEY. But how can you make money in youtube? Though presently youtube is not profitable, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make money on the video sharing site. However friends, the road to making money on Youtube isn’t smooth. It takes plenty of time, patience, and luck to see a payout of any sort. So here are a certain things to be kept it mind if you really really want to earn that big money from YouTube.

  • YouTube will NOT let you make money off your video of it.
  • Don’t bother uploading videos of pop singers who are really “Cool” in that sense. Remember the usage of double quotes!
  • To get started, make an awesome video by recording something that can turn itself into a viral hit and edit it into a watchable video.
  • Upload your video on YouTube and follow it up by a catchy, attractive, meanster, bitchy but easily searchable title. Make sure that the title is self explanatory and conveniently understood.
  •  A youtube user should know how to distribute and market their video to maximize viewership. You need to regularly upload videos that are viewed by thousands of other users. So, keep making videos and distributing them to social networks and media outlets.
  •  Check your inbox regularly. Incase any one of your videos does well, youtube will send you an email saying- “Apply for revenue sharing for your video”. However, if approved, you can only make money from the specified video only.
  •  Apply through Youtube’s Partnership program page. Once you have finally uploaded enough videos and have got a lot of views, you can apply directly for partnership on Youtube’s Partner Program page. Once approved, you’ll be able to turn on revenue sharing for all your videos and so you can even rent out your videos. Ensure that you’ve read the YouTube Partnership program tutorial thoroughly, and double- check that you haven’t violated any of their rules.
  •  Once you are done reviewing the guidelines, you need to link a Google AdSense account to your youtube account. This is how Google/Youtube will pay you for your videos.
  •  After all this, all you have to do it to be patient. Youtube could take upto two weeks to review your video.
  •  Incase youtube approves your video; you can turn on overlay ads that pop up on the bottom of a video, banner ads that appear next to the video that plays in front of it.
  •  If by any chance youtube rejects your application, you have another two months before you can apply again; so get back to working on your videos.




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