How to make money from your hobby

Whether you can write or sing or knit or paint or design, whatever your hobby might be: you can creatively make money!

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, if you are interested and passionate about something, money indeed shall follow your path. This article gives you an insight on how to make money creatively.

1.Focus, focus, focus
Focus on something you love, If you like writing, create a blog! If you like singing, upload your videos on YouTube! Keep it fun; don’t let it turn into a chore.Don’t choose a hobby simply because it might make money and then dive into it with that aim in mind. You should be doing this hobby because you love it; any side-income should be secondary.

2.Sharpen your skills.
Don’t just be good at it, BE EXTREMELY GOOD AT IT. Practice makes the man perfect. Learn and explore. Read up on that particular thing which interests you. If your hobby is to read, then explore all possible kinds of reading from French to classical.

3.Market yourself
Instead of face booking all day! Do something productive on it! If you like to write, put up your writings on it! If you like to sing, then post your singing videos on Facebook. This will surely stir up some attention. If you like to bake, bake some cakes and post the pictures up on Facebook or twitter. The best part about all this is that this is absolutely done FREE.

4.Don’t underestimate yourself.
It’s easy to discount your abilities. When you truly love something, your prolonged experience can give you skills and knowledge that you don’t appreciate.

You can conduct a series of activities to make money online for example:
1.Start a travelogue!
If you love travel, why not share it with people? Explore places and maybe you can start writing your own travelogue, probably write a few blogs or maybe in newspapers too!

2.Bake away to glory!
“Sugerholic” a Dubai based bakery, started their mini business by posting pictures of their cakes and varieties on the famous social networking site-Facebook. It’s been a year now and the business has been doing phenomenally well!

Do you see a Jamie Oliver in you? Do you want to reveal this side to the other world and make money? Why not sell your recipes online and make the world go baffled with those exotic looking dishes.

As said before, don’t run behind the money, if you are interested about something, and then make sure you excel in it! Whether it is sports or reading or even cleaning, money shall indeed follow.




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