How to make BBQ Chicken

Recipe to make barbeque chicken: –
1. Buy chicken breasts and legs
2. Wash and clean the pieces and keep in a container
3. Great onions on the chicken and mix
4. Add ginger and garlic past and mix
5. Add little lemon juice and mix
6. Add salt and mix well
7. Let be in the fridge for two hours
8. Remove from the fridge and add Garam Masala and red chili powder and turmeric powder.
9. Add lemon juice and mix very well
10. Keep in the fridge for 4 hours
11. Remove after 4 hours and add curd to it and mix well.
12. Add oil and mix well and keep for another 2 hours.
13. Remove after 2 hours and keep on the BBQ stand
14. Add some oil(preferably ghee) while cooking
15. When ready, serve in a plate with Smoked-Honey Barbeque Sauce

It’s going to be really good if you stick to the recipe exactly as mentioned above. For any queries feel free to comment.




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