How to make a conversation interesting?

There are some mistakes that people generally make while trying to converse with another person. By not making these mistakes you can make your conversation much more interesting and valuable. Here are some tips on how to have a quality conversation with another person.


Some people just cannot wait for their turn to talk. By listening you can learn more so just put your own ego on hold and listen and learn what the other person is talking about and what his/her ideas are. When you listen to a person you can pick up on many potential paths while having a conversation. You should always avoid asking yes or no questions as they will not provide you with adequate information.

Do not ask too many questions

By asking too many questions, you will make the conversation feel like an interview or it may seem that you do not have anything to contribute to the conversation. Remember that you should also contribute to the conversation.

Tighten up

Sometimes it may happen that after your conversation is exhausted, an awkward silence appears. This usually happens with someone that you have met for the first time or someone you barely know. There are many things you can talk about to avoid this awkward silence. If you feel nervous you should imagine as if you have met one of your closest friends and before you know it, you are involved in an interesting conversation.


It’s quite important what you talk about but what’s more important is the way you deliver the topic, this means how you talk and say it. You should remember to slow down while talking, speak up, speak clearly, speak with emotion and start using pauses.

Spot light

While having a conversation, you should let everyone have their spot light. Do not steal anyone’s thunder. Let everyone talk and then you share your thoughts, opinions or may be experiences. You should find a balance between listening and speaking.


You should avoid having arguments while having a conversation. Conversations are not discussions but they are a way to keep a good mood going. So avoid having arguments.

Weird or negative topic

There are some topics which you should avoid in a party or somewhere that you are just getting to know the people around. Avoid topics like bad health, relationships, job, boss, serial killers etc.

Keep it interesting

Keep the conversation interesting by not talking about the same thing for a long time and also avoid repeating things. Do not talk about your personal problems and negative things. You can talk about the last trip you had or things that you know people will be interested to hear.





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