How to know you have Dry Eye Syndrome and How to treat it

Tears are a very important part of our life as they are not only the emotional outlet but they keep our eyes lubricated in order to avoid infections. Tears are made of oils, mucous, antibodies and some proteins. In the current lifestyle that most of us follow it is possible that we have dry eyes syndrome and we do not even know it. Dry Eye Syndrome is caused due to car heaters, air conditioners, hair driers, working with computers and even fans. Dry eyes are also caused due to Menopause, structural problems in the eye or side effects of a particular medication.

You might have dry eyes but the symptoms are not very intense as yet so you might not be aware of the fact that you have this syndrome. Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome include burnings, itchiness, redness, gritty sensation, blurred vision, difficulty in focusing the eyes and sensation of foreign object in the eye. There are ways to treat a dry eye and there are many drops and remedies available which can help you get relief from dry eye syndrome. Here is how to treat a dry eye syndrome: –

Tear Drops – Artificial teardrops available in medical stores can help you with Dry eyes. These artificial teardrops artificially lubricate your eyes. You should go an eye specialist in order to get the right product.

Prescribed Medicines – If the irritation in the resists then you must visit an eye specialist and you will be given either Restasis which is a prescription eye drop made for dry eyes or Tear duct blocks which will block your tear ducts and conserves your tears for future.

Sunglasses – While suffering from dry eye syndrome you should wear special sunglasses which will keep your eyes from getting exposed to dust and other irritants around us.

What to avoid –

There things that you should avoid if you are suffering from dry eye syndrome and these include car heaters, air conditioners, hair driers and excessive use of ceiling fan and computers. Generally people who stay in air conditioned rooms or computers excessively have this eye syndrome.

At times your eyes are going feel very itchy and irritated but you must avoid rubbing and scratching at any costs.  Rubbing can cause other problems such as eye infections. If the eyes burn you would want to wash your eyes but this will just lead to more dryness of the eyes so avoid washing the eyes as well. Contact lenses could also be the causes of dry eyes and if you are facing such problems with contact lenses it is best to avoid them.



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