How to introduce your pet to a New Baby

Pets are very sensitive to any changes in their routine, surroundings, smells and sights, so if you are expecting a baby then you must plan things accordingly. You should know exactly what to expect from your dog or cat when you’re expecting. Here are some tips on how to introduce your pet to a new baby.

  • You might have to go over the basic training again as the small obedience issues of your dog will become big problems and situations once the baby arrives. Once you know that you are expecting you should start retraining your dog on minor infractions such as jumping on the couch, jumping on the guests etc. You might even have to take a trainer for your dog because train is going to be even more difficult now that the dog or cat has grown up.
  • Take your pet to the annual exam before that arrival of the baby for any kind of dangerous parasites or bugs. Also get a pet-icure for your dog to avoid scratches.
  • Set up the nursery a long time in advance to the arrival of the baby to make sure that your pet gets used to the change in furniture. Keep some of the basic supplies for the baby as well such as baby powder, diaper, etc. so that you r pet will get used to the smell. You can also play some baby sounds CD before the due date so that your pet will be familiarized with sounds.
  • You can rehear the situation by asking your friends or family members who have kids to come to your place and see how your pet reacts to the kids. Make sure that the dog or the cat does not show any kind of aggression towards the infants. You can even take a doll wrapped in a blanket and practice the same.
  • Once the baby is born and you want to bring the baby home, make sure that one of your friends or family members brings a belonging of the baby home such as a blanket or clothes so the pet will get used to the smell. After coming home with the baby, let the father hold the baby and the mother should greet the pet first. This would also be a good time to bring some treats and some toys for your pet. After this stage you can make your pet meet the baby. Do not let the pet show any signs of aggression and make sure that he learns his boundaries with the baby.




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