How to Install Windows 7

For all those innocent “not-so computer savvy” people, this is a simple step-by-step navigation guide on how to install Windows 7.

  • Now the very basic step that you must adhere to is to first check the compatibility of your PC and Windows 7. You can do the same by checking the Windows 7 System Requirement list. In case your hardware lacks any of them, download the same from an authentic website and then proceed for a clean installation.
  • Since the Windows 7 CD is a bootable one, you ought to check whether the boot device is set to CD-ROM in the BIOS setup.


  •  Once you insert your disk, Windows 7 will automatically start booting and a progress window would subsequently appear. Next, choose the appropriate settings in the currency, time and language setup and hit ‘Next’ followed by ‘Install Now’.


  • The next step is to read the license terms and conditions and checkmark “I accept license terms’, provided you agree. Post this, select the Custom (Advanced) option out of the two displayed.


  • Further, choose the destination as to where you would like the installation to happen. Consequently, Windows 7 will start the process and your system will be rebooted a few times. Relax; it’s just a part of the process! Make sure you do not hit any key while the reboot is happening or you get a boot prompt, for you have already done the essential settings in the beginning in the BIOS setup; not even by chance.


  • Once the rebooting process is completed, you’re then ready to use your PC once again. You may create an administrator account and set a desirable password to protect your computer from anti-social elements.


  • But as soon as you are done with this, make sure you put in the product key that came along your Windows 7 disk and press ‘Next’. Not that if you won’t enter the product key, you wouldn’t be able to proceed. Just that, in such a case, Windows 7 will then run on a trial version for the next 30 days. In the worst possibility, you won’t be able to operate your system post the specified time period.


  • After this, certain window panes will pop in to help protect your PC and improvise on Windows in an automated manner. You must choose the “Use Recommended Setting” option. Furthermore, set across your time zone, time and date followed by hitting ‘Next’ to proceed further. Selection of your present location is your next move.


  • Finally, Windows 7 will now save and update all the settings for your system and restart. And this being the final restart, Windows 7 will progress with its booting up and ultimately, the main logon screen would appear.


  • Sometimes, the computer may not be entirely configured. You can do so by letting your hardware be detected correctly; the same can be easily done in the “Device Manager” option accessible in the Control Panel.

Did you ever know it was that easy? So gladly, you may now no more characterise yourself as “not-so-computer savvy”. Let installing Windows 7 on your personal computer be a child’s play for you now.



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