How to install android apps from computer to mobile

Android, is a software stack for mobile phones that includes an operating system, key operations and middleware. All android phones have enhanced technologies of basic functioning. It is distinctive in features such as Application framework, integrated browser, GSM telephony and media. It has rich development environment including a device emulator, tools for debugging, memory and performance profiling. You may however not understand all the features unless researched properly. But for all those who are new to this technological phone and do not know how to install android apps from computer, the solution is here. Installing the apps straight using the internet on your phone can be a little difficult. But searching the android app market on your computer is a simpler task. Out here we guide you with the simplest methods of installing different android apps straight from your computer to your phone.

  • In an android phone, all applications including an email client, SMS program, calendar, maps, browser, and contacts are written using the Java programming language.
  • Visit the android market from your computer. This way, you will come across many apps which you may want to try.
  • Login with your gmail account. You will see that your mobile is already listed. You just need to click install on the android app of your choice. Just click on install on your computer.
  • Later when you connect your mobile with wifi or GPRS, the app will automatically get downloaded and installed on your Android Mobile.
  • For all those looking out for solution to transfer apps from computer without wifi or internet connectivity on your phone, you may try this- If you have an SD memory card you can connect your Android phone to the computer as USB Mass Storage device. After connecting the phone via USB pull down the notification bar, make sure that USB Debugging is turned on, tap on USB Connected and select to mount your SD card as storage. While doing so, remember two important things- Eject the device on your operating system and then click on Unmount on the android phone before disconnecting the cable.


Now that you have learnt the process, you must surely download a lot of apps to your android phone and if you still don’t then you are not making most use of your Special mobile. Make its presence felt in your lifestyle. Be different, be unique!



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