How to Increase Stamina

It is very important to have a good stamina as you need it in every physical activity that you do. The most important of all types of stamina is the running stamina. In order to be fit you need to have a good running stamina. You may never know when it is going to come handy to be able to run. You may be running for your life, running after a thief who just stole your wallet or just having a race with your friends. All in all it is best to have good running stamina. If you are not able to run for long then you need to increase your stamina. Here is how to increase your stamina step by step:


 1. Set a Goal– First step to increase your running stamina is to have a goal. You should set goal such being able to run for 2 or 3 km by the end of the month. This is quite achievable if you are not too overweight.

2. Planning – Do some research or talk to a professional and develop an effective training plan. You should start by small and light work outs and cardio exercises and slowly increase your stamina by moving to heavier cardio sessions and work outs.

3. Walking -Walking for 1 hour every day is very good for health and it can increase your stamina gradually by clearing your lungs and increasing your energy level. By walking every day you can have good night sleep and strengthen your muscles.

4. Start Running  Some People cannot run as they get knee pain. This problem can be solved by walking every day for about a month and slowly increase the speed of walking and turning it into walking.

5. Cycling -If you do not enjoy running there are many ways that will help you learn to enjoy running. You can also try cycling. Buy a bicycle and ride for one hour at least every day.

6. Swimming – Swimming is great way of exercising and it will help you increase your stamina. Swimming is also something that everyone enjoys. It is also a way of meditation.

7. Try harder – After a month of running and exercising, now you can push through your limits a little bit. Once you get tired and you want to stop, do not stop. Keep going for another 10 minutes. This helps you increase your endurance. You should remember if you experience any pain, you should stop immediately.

8. Increasing – If you walked for 2 kilometers every day, now is the time to make it 3. If you swam for 1 hour now it is time to increase it to 2 hours. Try exercising for longer hours everyday.


  •   Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages reduce one’s stamina.
  •   Drink lots of water.
  •  Avoid drinking cold water or cold drinks right after you are done exercising. Relax for 15 minutes and then drink.



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