How to improve your spoken English???

More than a million people on this earth wish to be eloquent in English. So, first of all, relax yourselves and be proudly convinced that you’re NOT the only one. English speaking indeed is an important “skill” that you must possess to easily get through variant job profiles and affairs alike, keeping in mind the scenario of today’s competitive age. And of course, employment is not the only positive point that comes effectively with better command at spoken English; it’s just an instance to quote.

A lot of people are left wondering in search of English speaking courses with an obvious question frozen in their minds, i.e. how to improve at English speaking. Essentially, it is very important to know that spending a multiple thousands at these spoken English courses is going to help only if they practice. Taking into consideration the same, there are some simple “home remedies” to improvise on spoken English.

The term “home remedies” may sound funny, but in literal sense, it’s highly effective because the underlying magic of “practice” stays the same. So, why spend on these courses???

Now imbibe in these simple practices in your daily routine and become virtually “perfect” at spoken English. Let the enchanting fluency of words flow. ~Abra ka Dabra~

1. Don’t try and be a Mozart in the very beginning. Speak like you do, but make sure you don’t commit mistakes. Now obviously, mistakes WILL happen! THE MATTER OF FACT IS, DON’T LET THEM REPEAT.

2. You ought to be patient during the entire journey of your ‘crooked’ to ‘fluent’ spoken English. Yes, the learning process may get tedious and boring, even frustrating at times, but you’re to make sure that you know how to tackle it well. Keep your aim frozen in your puppy eyes all the time.

3. Don’t be hesitant in initiating a conversation with somebody in English. Remember, nobody’s perfect? While at the same time, don’t take offence if somebody tries to correct you; it’s your benefit after all. Isn’t it?  Furthermore, you can try joining several forums and chat sessions where people are conversing in English and have the same interests.

4. Try and read as many English books as possible. Preferably, pick up a book of your interest, and don’t just read through, try to grasp as many new words as possible. Also, it is a good idea to record your voice and play to check where you made mistakes in terms of pronunciation and accent.

5. Listen to loads of slow English music clips, try writing the lyrics on your own based on your comprehension first followed by verifying from net. This subtle way of learning is indeed fun and entertaining.

6. It will be great if you get a hang of the phonetics and then look up the dictionary periodically to improve on one the major aspects of efficient spoken English, vocabulary. Phonetics will help you with the correct pronunciation and dictionary would imprint the meanings on your brain.

7. Most importantly, read books on grammar and solve various practice exercises. GRAMMAR is one of the major ingredients of spoken English recipe. Remember, it’s perfectly okay even if you start from an elementary level book. Nobody was born intelligent, right?

Let the beautiful wings of “spoken English” grow under the wings of your charismatic personality!!!




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  1. Lisa Scott says:

    Great suggestions! I would also add that watching television programs in English is a great way to learn correct pronunciation. I tell my clients to start with news shows or daytime talk shows, as the people on those shows tend to have the clearest speech. Then, you can watch sitcoms and listen for variations in pronunciation as well as for idioms and other expressions. A fun way to build your vocabulary is by playing games such as Taboo and Scattergories. But as you said, practice, practice, practice is the key!

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