How to have healthy lungs

Having healthy lungs is very important if you are planning to be able to climb three flights stairs without needing oxygen. If you are a smoker then the only thing I can tell is to just quit right away. You can read the post on how to quit smoking by clicking here.( There are numerous reasons why one’s lungs could be in a bad shape and it is not all due to smoking cigarettes but being around smokers, breathing in toxics present in the air around us and many more. Here is how to have healthy lungs: –

1. Find out if you Snore – Ask your bed partner if you snore and if you do you should visit a sleep specialist and find out why and which positions make you snore. Snoring could actually damage your lungs as much as smoking but it is treatable.

2. Exercise – you should start exercising everyday or climbing the stairs few times a day and see if that makes your heart beat faster and makes you breath heavier. Exercising is very important in keeping healthy lungs. Walking for at least 15 minutes three times a day is very essential for having healthy lungs.

3. Fish oil – Problems such as asthma and other lung problems are mostly due to inflammation which can be reduced with Omega-3 fatty acids which are available in fish oil. Start having fish-oil supplement every day.

4. Breathing from the stomach – Breathing from your belly at least for 10 minutes can help you for keeping healthy lungs.

5. Lung Exercise – Lie down on the floor with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Keep hands behind the head and bring elbows together. Open arms and drop elbows as you inhale and raise elbows as you exhale again.

6. Avoid Toxics – cleanser products such as oven cleaners are toxic to lungs if inhaled so keep windows open and wear mask while using such products.

7. Abdominal and chest workout – Do crunches and push-ups every to improve your abdominal and chest muscles for breathing better.

8. In case of Asthma – If you have asthma even if it is mild you should take the medicine on time and follow your doctor’s instructions

9. Vegetables – Include vegetables in your every day meals. Vegetables can be quite help full to cleansing your lungs.

10. White Wine – Drinking white wine can help in cleansing your wine. So have a glass of white wine with your meal.



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