How to grow your own chilies?

Best climate to grow chilies is the tropical climate but they can easily grow anywhere. For example the world’s hottest chilies, ghost peppers (they are mainly used in non-lethal weaponry such as hand grenade and pepper spray) originated in India.I live in India and my friends are hard-core spicy food lovers. I often hear them say that the chilies that they buy from the vegetable market are no longer spicy enough. Well, after doing some research I have come to realize that the best way to get spicy chilies is to just grow them yourself. If you have a small garden in your house or even a small balcony, you can grow hot chilies yourself. Here is how to do it step by step: –

1. You must select the right seeds and the right place. Growing chilies is mainly about the seeds and the place where your grow them. You can use the seeds that are found inside the chillies such as ghost pepper or guntoor chilies.

2. Plant the chilli seeds at the end of spring when the summer is about to come.  The seeds take about 15 to 20 days to grow.

3. Chilli plants generally blossom in the summer every year. The best place for planting chillies is at a moist and warm weather.

4. The plants must be provided with plenty of sunlight. But you should not let the soil go dry and always keep it moist. Do not over water the soil as well.

5. The more sunlight the chilli plants get, the spicier they will become. If where you live is cold during the night, then you must bring them inside the house at night.

6. Maintain the height of your plant. Chop some of tall branches in order to provide more streghth for the fruits.

7. Keep picking the fruits regularly so that they will keep coming.

8. Do not let the fruits hang until they dry. This will ruin the plant as well as your efforts.



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