How to give your dog a bath at home

If you have a puppy, you should always wait until he/she is more than 12 weeks old and then give him a bath. As commonly mistaken, giving a bath to a big dog is much is easier than giving a bath to a small dog. Here is how to give a bath to a small dog: –

1. First you should get all the materials that you will need for giving a bath to your dog. This includes Shampoo, conditioner, treats, towel, brush and cotton ball for the ears.

2. If your dog is too small you can just give him a bath in the sink and if he does not fit there then a small water tub will do. Place a towel at end of the sink sot that your dog will not slip.

3. Let your dog get used to the idea of bathing and let him adjust before starting. Try to make bathing a positive experience for your dog.

4. Before you start bathing your dog you should groom his/her coat. This will get rid of all dirt, mats and tangles in the coat.

5. Fill the sink or the bath tub with few inches of water. It should be deep enough to reach your dog’s chest. Make sure the water is not either too hot or too cold. It should be warm.

6. If you are washing your dog’s face, try to keep the water out of his ears and eyes.

7. Get your dog’s body wet with water and make sure that all the parts of his coats are well soaked in water.

8. Use a shampoo that has been made for dogs only. (NOTE: if you use your own shampoo he could lose his hair) Rub the shampoo all over his/her body and make sure that it reaches down to his skin. Remember that your dog should enjoy this so make it a pleasant experience for him.

9. After the shampooing done, rinse the shampoo out and put conditioner as this will help him in his natural skin oil.

10. Examine your dog for skin irritations, infections in ears and ticks and fleas.

11. Dry your dog well with towel. Wrap him up in towel to get the water out of his coat.

12. Use the cotton ball to dry his ears thoroughly in order to prevent any ear infection.

13. Use the hair dryer if possible to dry him more quickly.

14. After you are done reward him with his favorite snack or treat. Make sure that he knows there is a good side to taking a bath.

15. After he is completely dry, brush his coat.

Here is how to give a bath to a big dog: –
1. Find a suitable tub which is big enough to fit your dog in. A bath tub would be perfect for a big dog. If your dog is too big to fit in your tub then you can purchase children’s pool for him.

2. Keep 4 inches of warm water in the tub. Dogs also like cool water in the summer.

3. You can keep a towel at the bottom of the tub in order to make sure it is not slippery.

4. It is a little difficult to get a big dog into the tub. You can use anything to get him in the tub. You can use a treat, a toy or a friend who can help you. Once he is in the shower, give him a reward and praise him.

5. Make your dog completely wet all over his coat. Do not make his eyes and inside of his ears wet.

6. Use a shampoo specifically made for him.

7. Rub the shampoo all over his coat and make sure that it reaches his skin. You should be gentle and make sure that he enjoys this.

8. After a good session of rubbing him with shampoo Rinse him with water and apply the conditioner.

9. Wrap your dog well in a towel and keep him warm. After drying him a bit, let him shake and get the water out.

10. Give him a reward immediately after the bath.


  • Do not let water get into your dogs ears.
  • Be gentle and create a positive experience for him.
  • Bath him not more than once a month.
  • Do not bath him in winters.
  • Do not punish your dog for shaking.




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