How to get your Dog to Stop barking

Dogs bark, whine and howl to communicate with us and to express themselves. Dogs also bark in order to warn us about potential danger and protect us. But excessive barking is also sometimes a behavior issue. It’s the dog owner’s job to teach and train the dog when it is ok to bark and when it is not. If your dog barks a lot it is not his fault which is why you should not get mad at him. Remember that you should not under any circumstances beat or shout at your dog. This will just make him aggressive and a feroscious dog in long term.

In order to train your dog when to be quite and when to bark, it is important to know why dogs bark. Dogs do not just bark for reasons like annoying you or your neighbors eventhough it may seem that way at times. There are different reason why dogs bark and everytime the type of bark is also different if you notice. Dogs bark for reasons such as Warning or alerting you, anxiety, playfulness, attention seeking, boredom, responding to other dogs.

Once you have figured out the reason behind your dogs excessive barking you can start controling his/her behavior and removing the factors that cause your dog to bark more that he/she normally does. Here are some tips on how to fix the problems of excessive barking that you face with your dog.

1. You should make sure that your dog gets enough exercises and burns enough energy.
2. Do not leave your dog alone for too long.
3. Do not comfort, pet, hug or feed your pet while he/she is barking out anxiety or attention.
4. Do not shout at your dog to stop him from barking.
5. Do not under any circumctances use shock collars or other punishment tools.
6. Try catch your dog’s attention by a clap or a whistle. After catching his attention give him the basic commands such as sit to divert his attention.
7. Train your dog to Speak and be quite commands.
8. If you still face barking issues with your dog then you take your dog to a veterian or a trainer.



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