How to get our Dog or Puppy to stop biting

Before we start discussing your dogs problems with biting and nipping, you need to know and remember an important point. Never shout or beat your dog under and circumstances. Do not show any kind of aggression to him/her. Your dog or your puppy biting is quite a common problem amongst all those who have dogs. Puppies while growing up also grow teeth. The process of teething for puppies can be quite frustrating and itch which is one of the main reason behind the fact that they bite.

I had Labrador puppy, Jimbo who used to bite me all the time. His bites were not strong enough but his teeth were quite sharp which would really hurt. To stop your dog from biting you need to figure out the reason behind this behavior.

Some dogs bite when they are stressed or due to other things may be as simple as a hug. Some dogs do not like to be hugged and if they are they might be stressed and bite you. The main reason behind biting and nipping is stress, which is why you need to be able to recognize if your dog is showing signs of stress. Here are some tips on how to get to know your dog better and get him to stop biting.

Regular training sessions: You should start training your dog regularly every day between 10 minutes to 30 minutes. You can teach him basic commands such as sit, stay and come. This way you can get to know your dog better and he will be more obedient of you.

Leadership: You should always make sure that your dog listens to you and performs a command before getting what he wants such as a treat. You should make sure that your dog knows you are his master and he has to listen to you in order to get what he wants. But you should also think of your dog as a friend and love him/her.

Timing: Make sure that you correct your dog right after the bite. You have keep a stern voice and firmly tell him to stop or No but you should remember not to yell at your dog no matter how angry or frustrated you have become by him. It will also be useless if you wait after the bite for sometime and then currect your dog. He will have forgetten about the bite by then.

Consistency: You should have a fixed schedule for training your dog and keep up the consistency.

Screaming or yelping: Yelping is one of the best ways to get your dog to stop biting. As soon as your dog bites you scream or make loud sound so that he will get scared. This will eventually help and stop your dog from biting you.



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