How to get a great Facebook Profile Picture?

Do you wish to look awesome in your facebook profile picture? I think most of us want that! After all, it is just like a virtual high, a scrapbook of family and friends and a resume all rolled in one! So, no wonder we want to look the best! Here are few tips to get a perfect picture for your facebook profile picture without using any editing softwares like Photoshop or other.

1. First and foremost things you should do is dress your best! If you are looking a profile picture that fetches many ‘likes’; wear clothes that flatter you the most! V- Necks make you look taller and thinner.  While boat necks help balance our shoulders. Choose the look that makes you look great and feel confident.

2. Wear the right make-up, make-up is one thing that says a lot about you and your personality! A light touch up of powder will help prevent sunshine from flash! You must also make sure that you hide dark spots if you’ve any. If you are wearing a set of lenses, use light, soothing colors because, too flashy and dark picture won’t appear good.

3. Don’t use your phone camera, webcam! The obvious mistakes people make is using the phone camera. Like, many of us say, Oh Now I’m looking fab, let’s have a photo! You might look fab that moment, but trust me that picture is not suitable for a facebook profile picture.

4. Don’t post your pictures with alcohol, cigarettes or anything that is questionable- If your profile pictures are not set to private, you never know who sees your profile. You might wonder that you look cooler with cigarettes or with that tiny glass of vodka/tequila.

5. Give a great pose- it is important for you to look fantastic, so you must always give a great pose to the photographer. Look into the lens confidently. A great pose teamed up with great set of clothes and make-up makes it just PERFECT!

6. Smile! You shall get all the glitters and charm with your smile. The best pictures are the ones with a genuine and a happy smile. It should appear as if you’ve a new job or for some reason you’re genuinely happy!

So, these are some pointers you can keep in mind when you click your new facebook profile picture!




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