How to Format your Hard Drive

Windows XP is probably the most popular operating system and it is used by many all around the world. Windows XP has various applications that make our work much easier. This has made Windows a must have for everybody taking from teenagers to elders. Every once in a while we all need to format our computer’s hard drive for various reasons. Whatever the reason may be, here is how you format your hard drive in 5 easy steps.

1. Creating Back-up: – you should make sure that you saved all your files in a safe place just in case your files get deleted in the process of formatting. You should also take a note of all the programs that are installed on your computer so that you can install them again after the formatting procedure is done. You can save all the installed programs in a flash disk or even a CD.

2. Start the process of Formatting: – The formatting process is done through the provisions under ‘My Computer’. You can right click on My Computer and select ‘manage’. When in computer management folder you can pick ‘Storage’ on the left and this will lead you to ‘disk management’ on the right.

3. Disk Management: – you can get here by double clicking on ‘disk management. Here you will be able to see all hard drives in which you can delete all unwanted partition in the disk that needs to be formatted. You can spare what you want to keep from getting deleted in the process of formatting by creating back up of your files. Now you can create a new partition by right clicking on the black colored bar and then clicking on ‘New Partition’.

4. After clicking on ‘new partition’ you should go to primary partition and follow the sequence and pick the maximum option and continue with the procedure.  After this you should name disk by provision of letters. You can take the first option and then click next. Make sure you pick ‘NTFS’ for your format as it is the safest to use.

5. The computer is going to take a while to process the formatting. Once the formatting is complete you will be given the option of ‘finish’. After clicking on ‘finish’ the computer has been formatted and you can reinstall Windows XP.

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