How to format Windows 7

In the recent past, Windows 7 has earned a lot of popularity because of its ultra-amazing features. And, formatting Windows 7 isn’t a big deal at all. Just follow the given steps and you’re there.

To format Windows 7, you can either buy a DVD, lest a bootable USB would do. Since using a Windows 7 Boot DVD is far more convenient, let’s see the easy plain steps to do so.

  • Make sure you start by rebooting your PC, post inserting the disk. A prompt message for pressing any key to boot from DVD would appear. Make sure you do hit a key.
  • Subsequently, installation files will be loaded by Windows and a setup window would appear.
  • Fill in the coveted language, currency, and time. Finally, click on “Install Now” to proceed further.
  • Within a minute or two, the setup will be successfully loaded. Now, go through the license terms and conditions and respond accordingly. For instance, you’re fine with the terms, press on “I accept the license terms” and hit “Next”.
  • If you’re sure to have a memory space of 5716 Mb, you can further move on to selecting the partition where you wish to install Windows 7 and press “Next”.
  • Obviously, before formatting, it’s a genuine recommendation to have a back up of all the files or documents you wish to preserve for future utility. So once you’re done with that, “Drive options” should be your next move. Hit “Format” followed by “Yes”.
  • Windows 7 would then be formatted in an approximated span of 30-60 minutes in accordance to the computer speed.
  • Post the entire progression given above, the computer will reboot, for the Windows 7 is still available in the drive. And, the message to press any key to boot from DVD will reappear. But, make sure you DO NOT hit any key this time, because you’ve already done that in the very beginning. All you need to do is, patiently wait for another 5 seconds and the PC will continue booting. Successively, the operating system formatting would be finished too.
  • And, you’re almost there! Just put in a username and a password too, if you have some secret files.
  • The product key will come in use now. Relax! Insert the Windows 7 product key and click on “Next”.
  • Microsoft Updates is another wise decision you should take. It’s highly recommendable.
  • Choose “Recommended Settings”.
  • Select your time zone from the drop down ribbon.
  • You may also select an appropriate network corresponding to your location.
  • In instances of multiple computers utility, you can also submit in a homegroup password, meant for sharing files.
  • Yes, windows is ultimately finalist your settings! You’re finally done. Cheers!
  • All you’re left with is tit-bit works now. You can now insert the manufacturer drivers’ CD and install them.
  • Also, because Windows 7 holds a great driver support, you may want to go to the Control Panel and check Windows Update option.
  • Okay, now you’re actually done with everything. Ready to use!

Did you ever know it was so easy to format Windows 7? You can now flaunt your ability as a “computer savvy”, even if don’t consider yourself to be one.




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