How to form a Rock Band

Rock BandForming a band is not an easy task. There are many difficulties, sacrifices and steps involved while forming a band. Here are the steps to form a rock band.

Finding the right musicians with the right equipment
Generally in order to form a rock band you require at least one guitarist, a bassist, a drummer and a lead singer who can either play an instrument or not. You can find your band members by socializing amongst musicians and your friends by attending different concerts and gigs. There are also quite a few web sites available on the internet in which musicians can make their own profiles and post their videos for other musicians to see. This has made finding a band member so much simpler. You can find out what kinds of music genres are these musicians into and what kinds of skills do they really have without even having to meet them. By finding the right person, you can have a better chance of staying together as a band. Make sure that the person who you are going to jam with has his equipment ready.

Naming your band
The best way to name your band is to discuss it with the band mates. It should be something that everyone agrees on. Sometimes naming your band is a very difficult task and it cannot be done over night. The names for rock bands should be simple and easy to remember, hear, spell and read. You can pick a name that is of sentimental value to you or just something that sounds cool.

Choose a Genre
Everyone has different tastes and favorite genres of music. One band cannot play different types of music. So you should remember to discuss with your band members and decide your specific fields of interest.

Band contract
Making a band contract is something that not all the bands are willing to make. This contract offers the band members protection for the original songs that each member has written and what all they can do with these songs and the name of the band in the future. Making band contract can avoid arguments in the future.

Jamming room
All the bands require a Jamming room. A jamming room is a space (preferably soundproofed) where the band members can practice and play their songs without causing any type of disturbances for neighboring areas. Generally all the band members keep all their equipments in the jamming room. So make sure it is a safe place to leave your equipments.

In order to become good at what you are doing you need to have a good chemistry with other band members. This can be achieved by regular practice. You get to know your band members better along their weaknesses and strong points.

Original songs
You can start practicing and covering songs with your band members. But after you have had enough practice you need to start writing your own original songs and practice it with the band members. You should have as many original songs as you can.

Record a demo
You will need to record few of your original songs as demos. You sell these as shows and gigs and also give them to managers and record companies.

Playing at a gig
If you want to perform at a gig then it is necessary for you to make a press kit. The music industries will look at your resume or your EPK before booking your band. (Electronic press kit) you will need to publicize your band and your band’s work a lot. You can also post videos on the internet.

Remember not to get your hopes to high. But never give up trying. It’s going to be long and time consuming ride and you have to be strong to be able to make it big.



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