How to dress for winter?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of winters? Snow, Christmas, early sunsets, hot soup for dinner and late night coffees by the fireplace!!! For some of us, winter is a season of romance. Don’t we all just love the scene in the movies where the boy wraps his jacket around the girl to keep her warm from the cool breeze? For some others, winters mean snuggling inside the blankets and sleeping till late mornings. And for most of us, winters mean flattering ourselves by flaunting our new clothes.

Today, let us get to know about the fashion that will make your entire family ravish in style this winter…

Winter wear for kids

To keep your kids warm yet stylish this winter, make sure to buy colorful sweaters, coats, boots, winter caps and mittens. Instead of buttons, go for zipping coats. This will be easier for children to wear and take off. Covering the feet of your children and keeping them warm is very important. Go for colorful socks and shoes. Mittens, caps, socks are available in different prints: cartoon prints, Disney prints, floral prints and so on. Colors like pink, yellow and light blue look really cute on kids. You can also go for Santa caps, in colors apart from red.


Winter wear for teenagers   

Teenage girls should go for colors like blue, gray and pink. The boys can go for brown or blue. Teenagers can keep it simple. Wearing a muffler on your long coat will add to the style. Wear a warm coat, sweater or a jacket over jeans. Irrespective of your age, it is of utmost importance to keep your feet warm. Make sure you wear socks inside your shoes/boots. High heel ballerina shoes can be worn, but keep it rare. Try to stick to regular shoes or gumboots.


Winter wear for men

For casual winter wear, men can go for jeans and sweat shirts with hoods. Sports shoes look good on this combination. For formal wear, you must stick to tones of grey, black and white. You can go for long coats, mufflers and boots.

Winter wear for women

For women, winter is yet another season to shop. Buy jackets, coats, shrugs, mufflers and sweaters. You can categorize your winter wear. Keep some for casual occasions, some for formal occasions and some for special occasions. You can also wrap shawls around. Go for scarves that will make you look stylish. Ballerina shoes can be worn in winters, but try to go for gumboots and sneakers instead.


Winter wear for older people

Older women can go for shawls and sweaters, whereas men can go for sweaters, jackets and long coats. Make sure you always carry a scarf or a muffler all the time. And finally, do not forget to cover your feet.


This winter, go stylish. Play with the colors but don’t fall for every winter trend. Make sure you choose the appropriate winter wear. Wishing you all a happy and a joyous Winter 2012!!!



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