How to declutter your house

No one likes a house that is a mess. Our house is meant to be a calm and an impressive place. Clutter only makes it dirty and disorderly. Here are some ways to get rid of the clutter in your house:


1.       Living room.

Let us begin with the clutter in the living room.

  • Our living room often tends to have a small table where we place our books and CDs. This leads to disorganization. Create space for your books, magazines and CDs. They can be categorized in a single, or two different shelves. The books that you don’t use or read can be discarded. If you don’t want to discard them, you have an option of donating them.
  • Divide your living room. Give some space for books and some for the coffee table.
  • You can have a small cupboard or a shelf to keep the shoes. This shelf should be placed near the door of the house, in a corner.
  • Remember to wash your sofa sheets from time to time.
  • If in case you have kids in your family, you can place a bin for the toys in the living room.

2.       Kitchen.

Let us move on to kitchen now. Here are some important tips for a clutter-free kitchen.

  • Always make it a point to put things back at the places where they belong. This is an important step to keep your kitchen organized.
  • Place a small dust bin in your kitchen, and always cover it with a lid. This will avoid the overall dirt.
  • Glass cabinets should be cleaned regularly.
  • Put away appliances and utensils that are not in use.
  • The refrigerator should be cleaned regularly, both from inside and outside.
  •  Categorize your kitchen items systematically.
  • Place a vase of flowers in your kitchen. It will give your kitchen a rejuvenating look.

3.       Bedroom.

Many times, the bedroom is a mess, but rest of the rooms are clean and organized. Some ways to declutter your bedroom are:

  • Start with your wardrobe. Organize your clothes in different shelves of your wardrobe. Get rid of clothes that are damaged or not in use.
  • Having a laundry bag in the bed room helps in avoiding the mess that clothes create.
  • Remember to wash and press the curtains and bed sheets regularly.
  • Organize and clean the stuff in your drawers.
  • Sort out your books, shoes and other accessories properly.
  •  Keep a small dust bin or a garbage bag in your bed room, so that there is no litter on the floor and the bed.
  • Finally, do not forget to clean the space under the bed. This is bound to be the dirtiest space in your bedroom.

4.       Bathroom.

Decluttering of bathroom is very important. Here are the prime ways to declutter your bathroom.

  • Throw away the expired products.
  • Clean the bathroom tiles from time to time.
  • Have a small garbage bag to throw away the razors, shampoo sachets, etc.
  • Empty the cabinets regularly.

5.       Balcony.

Finally, let’s not forget about the balcony. We often consider our balcony as another storeroom. However, keeping it clean and clutter-free is as important as the other rooms of our house. Here are ways to keep the balcony clutter-free.

  • Add a small plant in your balcony to make it look better.
  • Avoid adding appliances and related stuff in your balcony. This will help it be spacious.
  • Just keep one or two chairs in your balcony.

Decluttering every room is important for good house-keeping. Follow these simple tips, and you will have a pleasant, clutter-free house.



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