How to deal with an annoying colleague

It is very easy to deal with a hard work load, a hectic day or for that matter, even a boring one per se! However, it is very difficult to deal with someone who you don’t have control over unlike your work load! An annoying colleague can be really difficult to handle unless you really know how to. In this case, it is necessary to control oneself more than the other person since you practically can’t close the other person into a file like you would do to other papers! Here are some ways that you can try.

1. Avoid

Stay clear of your annoying co-worker. This is the first step of dealing with anything. If it is not necessary to interact on a professional basis with this person, then don’t interact with him! Do not bother asking about personal matters or exchanging meaningless pleasantries. Be polite whenever you do speak to him but do not make yourself obliged to talk to him by the water cooler, washroom or any such other location.

2. Voice concerns politely

If the annoying colleague happens to be talking on the phone loudly; in a way that disturbs you, tell him or her politely. Blame yourself in a funny manner too saying that since you have a less concentration span, you aren’t able to concentrate on your work. If he keeps using the office internet for personal means while you need to work, politely say that it is slowing down the connection as a whole.

3. Ask yourself first

Ask yourself if you have unrealistic expectations from your co-worker. An ideal office environment is a utopian situation and does not exist. Ask yourself if you are right in judging him or her to the extent you are. Some employees can be truly disrupting and some are just the ones that you need to increase your acceptance level towards. If the co-worker falls in the second category, you know what you have to do.

4. Ignore

This isn’t the best solution but when work really is your priority, you cannot do anything else. Turn all his unnecessary requests down like joining him for lunch, going for dinner etc. Just focus on your work and put all the blame on how busy you are. The colleague will soon understand that you have zero interest in anything that he or she is doing or saying.

5. Talk to someone else

Ask your family or friends if they are dealing with similar situations. If yes, ask them how they deal with it. Everyone has their share of annoying colleagues. You might just find a lot of solutions that you might be seeking for.

While dealing with an annoying colleague, one must understand that this will not be the end of all problems. Therefore, while dealing with another person, one must also work towards increasing one’s own tolerance levels. Every working place is going to have its fair share of problems. After all, it all boils down to how we choose to deal with whatever is placed in front of us. The sooner we learn, the quicker it is going to help us achieve our own professional goals.




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