How to Create and Send Free Estimates?

An estimate, in simple language, is a rough calculation of the quantity or value of a tangible subject. The term estimate is more commonly used in the business scenario. If you take up the example of any trading concern, the client side interaction is not complete without the terms ‘estimates’ and ‘invoices’.

An estimate is a rough idea about the cost the client will have to bear for buying any product. The estimated cost need not be the final cost. However generating estimates will allow the clients to get a close-to-actual cost estimate of the product or service.

The internet which connects billions of users is one of the finest medium to access information. There are countless such applications which support the purpose of billing and accounting.

Let us take a look at one such contemporary online billing application –!


What is Billbooks?

Billbooks is an online invoicing application which supports free estimate generation with other exciting features like quick real time searches, instant invoice previews and many more. Billbooks is the best economical cloud accounting solution for online invoicing.

What can you do with Billbooks?

With Billbooks you can

  • Send free estimates
  • Send invoices on time
  • Send payment reminders
  • Track partial payment against invoices
  • Back up your data
  • Manage expenses
  • Track and print invoices
  • Generate quick Profit and Loss reports
  • Create a new client with less than 30 seconds
  • Create and send new estimate in less than 60 seconds
  • Configure your invoice columns
  • Import clients and add them to favorites
  • With minimum clicks get maximum work done
  • Save time on creating and sending invoices
  • Send estimates to clients and staffs

What are the features of Billbooks?

Billbooks is an online billing application which comes with multifarious features to make life easy!

  • Pay per invoice, not per month
  • Live search
  • Auto tagging
  • Smart keyboard shortcuts (Press ‘I’ to create a new invoice and press ‘E’ to create a new estimate)
  • Quick invoice preview
  • No fixed monthly payments
  • Multilingual
  • Currency and user friendly
  • Time saving and convenient
  • Better invoice previews

With all such incredible features, Billbooks is an example of an outstanding billing application tailor made to suite varied business needs.

To experience the power of a feature-rich billing application visit




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