How to Choose the Right Spectacle Frame for Self?

Ever imagined Gandhiji without specs? Or Netaji Subhas Chanfra Bose? The specs were an integral part of their identity. How different would they have looked without those glasses. If we go back in history, the first person to wear specs was a priest named Nicholas Bullet. He used to wear specs to sign agreements. He was a French man, and apparently fashion began with the French. Nowadays, people include specs as a part of their accessories. No one treats it as a cure for their deficiency. With specs being so much in vogue, more and more companies are coming with various colours of glasses with unique features. Some include detachable handles, which are by far very economical. For, one does not have to buy many specs; all he has to do is change the handles. People match the colour of their specs with their clothes and go out.


Specs are considered as style statements. Frames can help define your personality better and accentuate your look. Thus, there certain norms that are to be followed while purchasing the right spectacle frame for self. These include:

  1.  The thumb rule is to make sure that the top line of the frame should complement the eye line and the curve of the eyebrows. If a clash occurs between the frame and the eyebrows, it reeks of a clumsy look.
  2. The frame should be in accordance to the shape of the face. There various types of face cuttings and they are :  Round face; Long face; Square face; Heart shaped face; Face with close set eyes.
  • People with round face should opt for frames that are oval or rectangular. These frames help the face look slimmer while a round shaped frame add on the weight to the face.
  • Person with a long face should choose bright coloured frames that have a greater emphasis on the horizontal planes. The frame should be designed in such a manner that both the rims should be equally visible. This makes the face smaller and gives symmetry.
  • Person with a square shaped face should opt for oval or deep rounded frame which gives the face an oval look. If the jaw line is broader and heavy, emphasis should be laid on the top rim.  The lower rim should be round. The worst possible selection is a square frame.
  • Person with a heart shaped face has a wider temple and a narrow jaw line. The frame should be slightly hinged in the middle or lower. The upper rim should be circular while joining the lower rim.
  • Person with close set eyes should opt for a two toned frame that is lighter at the bridge and dark toned at the sides. A decorative hinge also works wonders.

Many of you still tend to become self conscious while wearing specs. So here are some famous celebrities you can draw inspiration from.

  • People with square face check out Sarah Palin’s oval shaped glasses which wrecked havoc during her election campaigns. As well as Johnny Depp with his sophisticated oval shaped frames which he sports since the ‘90s.
  • People with oval shaped face, feel blessed for most of the fashionable glasses will suit you. Check out for Tina Fey and Bono, for they tend to sport cool looks with their specs.
  • People with round shaped face can check Lindsey Lohan. She tends to sport glasses at times that enhance her face.
  • People with a heart shaped face should strongly avoid wide frames that tend to overpower the face. Try checking out Rihanna or Resse Witherspoon and the specs they flaunt.
  • Lastly, people with oval shaped face should check out Kristen Dunst and the heavy frames they flaunt.



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