How to broadcast live on YouTube?

In order to broadcast live on YouTube you need to get quite a few things done as it is live broadcasting and YouTube will need to make sure that what you are putting up is reliable.

The first thing you will need is high speed internet. It is not possible to broadcast live on YouTube with low speed internet.

The Second thing you need to make sure you have is a good quality Webcam.

And last but not least you need to be a YouTube Partner. This is the most important one. Here is how to become a YouTube Partner: –

First of all you need to have a good reputation on YouTube which means you should at least have 10 videos uploaded with at least 300 views each. After you have acquired this you can apply for a partnership with YouTube.

You can apply to become a YouTube Partner by clicking on Creators & Partners on bottom of the Page. After that you will see “Become a Partner” button on the menu bar on YouTube Page. Click on that and get started. It might take YouTube a while to analyze your presence on YouTube before you get the Partnership.

After you have received YouTube’s Confirmation you can go to your account setting and start your Live Broadcast. Make sure it is publicized well if you want viewer for your live show.



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