How to Boost Your Creativity at Work

What is meant by creativity? Research says, “it is the ability to make, produce, cause to exist or bring into being; the ability to make something out of nothing or to make something better than it was before.” Therefore a common saying, “If you’re alive, you’re creative.”

It is important to point out that not everyone has a well developed right sided brain. It is only a blessed few who have this raw talent that needs to be nurtured to make it into a “creative success.”  So while working we realize we are doing less with more. So it is important to apply creativity at work such that we are able to extract more out of the less.

There are ample of ways to increase one’s creativity, but at the end of the day we all are human beings and there comes a stagnant stage where we run into the wall. The only recovery from this is to take a break and strategize. Here are some ways of sharpening the creative method by which one’s creativity can be sharpened.

  • The first step is to find out certain unique features in your personality and applying it in your work field. Try to develop those unique features into skills which can also be done by taking help from others who understand you better.
  •  You must become in you field of work. Thus, a rich understanding of the matter helps you become more innovative and novel as you implement your ideas to your work. This will add a boost to your work.
  •  Be more inquisitive and curious and ask questions. This will help you understand topics better and facilitate your creativity.
  •  It is also essential to take risks as you may not be the victor all the time, but at least it will boost your creative knowledge and talent and will benefit you in future.
  •  Insecurity can suppress the creative person inside you. So it is important to be confident in whatever you do and whichever step you take. This helps you enhance your creativity better.
  •  Think positive. According to a study in the year 2006, it has been found out that thinking affects progress. Positive thinking enhances creativity. According to Dr. Adam Anderson, “If you are doing something that requires you be creative or be in a think tank, you want to be in a place with good mood.”
  •  The fear of failure might hinder your progress towards applying creativity in work. So failure should be taken up as a challenge and tackled carefully.
  •  Brainstorming for new ideas is also essential, as ideas don’t come just like that. A lot of thinking is required.  The rationale behind this is to generate as many ideas as possible in a limited period of time.

Lastly, it essential to make a note of everything creative that comes to your mind.



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