How to Become a Publicist ?

A publicist is a person, whose main work is to handle the publicity of any public figure, like a famous personality or a business tycoon or for works like book launch or press releases. The sole function of the publicist is to generate press coverage on behalf of the client and act as a mediator between the media outlets and the clients.


There are various types of publicists, and they include:

  • Press representative
  •  Public relations publicist – Mainly manages the PR of the client with the media.
  • Special publicity consultant 
  • Unit publicist – Looks after the production of the film; the making etc., also sends press releases and other details to the press.

So, if you are interested to become a publicist, there are various steps involved. They are:

  • It is important to enroll in a college that offers media and communication in the BA level. It is essential that you are a graduate in the communication field.
  • It is important to develop your writing skills. So try doing some creative work that involves a lot of writing. If by any chance, you are not a part of a media college, try getting a course done in Journalism or communication separately. Nowadays, many colleges offer short term diplomas in such courses.
  • Try doing unpaid writing jobs for some local bands. This will enhance your experience in writing and will add a boost to your resume. Writing press releases and free advertising of the band would also be excellent.
  • In today’s world, the companies do not wish to hire people who have no practical experience. So it is essential that you intern with a publishing company. This will provide you on hand experience. The internship also will help you build contacts in the industry.
  • Ask your internship hosts to give you advice on how to begin your career. If you work hard, they might recommend about you to other companies that hire entry level workers. Or they might hire you as well.
  • It is also important to intern with a PR firm which which will will enhance your PR skills and you will be able to handle your clients better. For, the world thrives on PR.
  • The starting pay for publicists is very low, so start preparing yourself from now. And at times the clients are also unknown. So do not lose patience, for as your popularity grows, your pay increases and your clients are world recognised.
  • It is essential that you get familiar with local reporters for contacts come handy. This act as a loop hole for your promotion. You will be better recognised, and you will be able to deal with them smoothly.
  • Lastly, you should learn to set up websites for the clients. As the digital media is gaining popularity, it is becoming an important medium for the publicists. So if, you know how set it up, you earn brownie points for the client and your employers would openly appreciate it. You can take local lessons.



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