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So far I have known many people who are not photogenic and start avoiding cameras and get uncomfortable in front of one. The term photogenic was thought up by a British inventor, William Henry Fox Talbot. To be photogenic refers to looking attractive and appealing in photographs. I have known many people who look great in the real life but in photographs they do not look good at all. There are also many people who look very attractive in photographs even though they are not that appealing in real life. If you are wondering how some people can be more photogenic than others, then I can tell you that there are many reasons for it. It can be about the a person’s natural beauty and how confident a person can look in front of the camera but mostly it is about how a person presents himself/herself in front of the camera. Some can present themselves in very smart manner which makes you look good or may be even better than you actually are. However it is very much possible to become photogenic by just following a few simple tips. Here are some tips on how to look good in photographs.

Tips on How to look good in pictures (how to become photogenic)

Before we get started on the points, you should know that it is important to know photography well. It highly depends on the photographer to take photos of you with good or bad qualities. However everything involved such as camera quality, proper light conditions and photographer skills are important for having a good photo.

  • Be natural – While being photographed, you should remember to relax. Do not get tensed and become conscious. You can just relax, smile and be natural. Just be yourself, your simple self and do not panic.
  • Style – if you want to look good on camera, you should be stylish be wearing clothes that suit you best. Wear matching accessories and suitable colors. You will surely look better if you dress decently and be stylish in your own way.
  • Keep a hairstyle which will suit you best and will not make you look messy or unstylish.
  • You should find a position in which you look best. There are numerous ways of posing for photo shooting, I am sure there are quite a few that will make you look good in a photograph.
  • Take care of your skin and before occasions make sure that you do not have any skin patches or redness on your face. You can also use make up to look better but it is better to keep things simple and take care of your skin.
  • Keep a good posture. You should always stand with your back straight. Also keep your shoulders back. This posture helps you look better in photos.
  • While taking a photo, look a little above the lens of the camera this avoids redeye and makes you look better. Always make an angle before the camera and do not keep your breath in.

Here is a little diversion on the topic that I’m writing on especially for a friend of mine; ‘How to be photogenic with braces?’

Sometimes people with braces get the disadvantage of not being able to smile or laugh on camera because while laughing the braces might appear and make the image look poor. This is true to some extent but braces usually do not look as bad as people with braces think. Generally people with braces lose their confidence and cannot laugh their heart out as they want to on photos. My only advice to you is to just give a controlled smile on camera and keep in mind that braces are just temporary and once they are removed, you can laugh your heart out with your million dollar smile.




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