How to apply for US visa

Every year there are millions of people who apply for US visa. Some get through and some don’t. here is the process of applying for US Visa step by steps: –

1. Appointment – First you should make an appointment for yourself to visit the US embassy. You can make this appointment by telephone, mail, on the internet or even in person. (Waiting time for applying for US visa can be quite long at times). Find out about the required fees and the mode of payment. Keep in mind that all the fees for US visa application are non-refundable.

2. Documentation – find out about the required documents for US visa. Here the most important documents that you will need.

  • A valid passport
  • An appropriate application form. You can obtain the application form either at the embassy or at the following website.
  • Supporting documents to the application containing details of employment, reason for travel and financial status.
  • Fees receipt
  • For students applying for a Student Visa in the US there is a different procedure.

3. Submission –Submit your application with the required documents to the US embassy or the consulate. Mostly visa get issued within a few weeks, however there is no guarantee of getting the visa.

4. Additional reviews – In some cases there are some additional reviews required. The process of you visa will be delayed if your name carries a security concern.

5. After obtaining the Visa – After obtaining US visa you are allowed to travel from your country to a port entry in the US which can be the airport where you land. You will be asked to fill out a form on the airplane and you will also be interviewed by the officer at the airport for verification of your paper work. After all these procedures are done successfully you will receive an immigration stamp and you can go to claim your baggage.

Note: There various types of Visa such as Immigrant US visa, Nonimmigrant US visa, tourist Visa, temporary worker Visa etc. You should find out what type of Visa is most suitable for you and apply for US visa accordingly.



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