How to adopt an Eco friendly lifestyle

Do you switch the light off in your room when it’s not required? Won’t you admit that you overuse some of the energy resources? Just think about the amount of our contribution towards the destruction of the nature. Mother Earth is sure to spark one day. Even so, it’s not too late for us to rectify our mistakes. All we need to do is start contributing towards protection and prevention of the natural resources. We can start by making small changes in our ongoing fast lives. We can start by adopting an Eco friendly lifestyle.

These are certain tips that will help you take the Eco friendly way…

Once a while consider going to work by public transportation. This way, your contribution to the air and sound pollution for one day will be less. Also, you can start using bicycle once every week. This is not only an Eco friendly step, but also a way to burn those extra calories to remain fit.

Replace the plastic bags in your home with paper bags or cloth bags. Paper bags are biodegradable and they do not affect the environment in any way. You can design the paper and cloth bags in your own creative way. Who knows, you might end up finding a new hobby here!


Instead of air conditioner, use ceiling fans. Doing so will also prevent your electricity bills from hiking up. You’ll end up saving around 35% of the energy cost.

You can reuse the things that have been broken. For example, you can make a cabinet out of your broken wooden table. Similarly, you can also use your old/stained shirts as rag cloths. This will serve both the purposes; you’ll not only go an Eco friendly way, but will also help yourself get a new product.

Have a compost bin in your house. Instead of throwing away the fruit skins and scraps in a garbage bin, you can store them in your compost bin. This way you can have organic material for the plants in your home.


As hard as it sounds, start celebrating meatless days! Know the wonders of a vegan meal. A vegan meal will keep you healthy, and also make you aware about the animal rights.

Whenever possible, take a bath by cold water. Bathing by cold water is the best for your body. Doing so will also help you save electricity and other energy sources. Bathing in cold water will also help in increasing the metabolism in your body.

Conserving water should be your prime most step while going for an Eco friendly lifestyle. Reduce the duration of your shower. There are several ways how you can conserve water at home. For example, run your clothes washer only when it is full, don’t let the water run while you do the dishes.

Use fluorescent light bulbs in order to save the electricity. They are comparatively expensive, but energy saving.

If possible, have a vegetable garden in your home. You can make use of the organic fertilizers in this garden. Organic fertilizers can be prepared at home itself by using the green waste. So they do not need a large share of financial investment. Plus you will also have the joy of eating fresh vegetables everyday.

You can install a solar powered water heater. They are cost saving and environment friendly.

Start buying clothes and accessories that are made from environment friendly substances.

These are some of the easiest and affordable ways to adopt an Eco friendly lifestyle. Follow these tips to go green.



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