How Music and Visual Elements Help us Heal?

It is amazing how miraculously music and visual elements affect our body, emotions and spirits. Sometimes they bring tears to our eyes and sometimes they pump up our mood to party. The way they play around with our mind and emotions made the researchers and doctors think that it can definitely be used as a medical tool to heal our body physically, soothe our soul and generate healthy emotions.

Music Therapy

Many doctors and researchers have realized the importance of music and visual elements in our daily life and thus gave birth to rapidly rising field of healthcare known as Music Therapy and Visual Therapy. Today many doctors insist their patients to opt for these therapies along with conventional medical treatments given to them as they have observed that their patients were recovering and healing faster than ever before. Music therapy is now an officially accepted form of medical treatment in west.

Researchers have found that Music controls and affects all stages of human existence. Thus, specialised music can be used to reduce the impact of symptoms, encourage particular kind of emotional experience, treat people with special needs in mental and physical health, promote social interaction, rehabilitation, relieve stress, etc. In nut shell, music therapy leaves you with a sense of overall well- being.

Studies show that it can help lower blood pressure, nervousness, heat rate and breathing rate. Nowadays, music therapy is increasingly being used by doctors for cancer patients as it helps dismiss pain and discharges the feeling of nausea and vomiting caused due to Chemotherapy. Music is a holistic science that ensures enhancement in the quality of a patient’s life.

Scientifically, researchers claim that our blood flow and nervous system is affected by music, as it stimulates pituitary glands whose secretions affect our nervous system and blood flow. Correct form of music, helps us relax and revitalise our senses. Listening to music washes away negative feelings from us like anger, jealousy, arrogance, worry etc. and induce positive emotions & feelings like happiness, peace, satisfaction, refreshment, relaxation, etc. It is an ultimate solution to headache, ageing, abdominal pain, tension, stress or depression.  It also acts as a messiah during pregnancy, child birth, CNS disorders, anxiety and diabetes.

Similarly, visual elements of a specific type can act as an alternative medicine for similar health problems as mentioned above. Doctors sometimes also use music accompanied with visual elements to enhance medical treatment of their patients. For e.g.: With the help of a guided visualisation the doctor encourages the patient to visualise inside of their bodies in different colours and mentally attack their cancerous cells.

The visual elements that form a part of the surrounding space that we live in also affect our mind, body and spirits in powerful ways. If the kind of colour frequencies used around you and the different designs, shapes and lines that surround you matches your unparalleled nature, vibration and movement then it is definitely going to give you a natural, holistic feeling thus heals your mind and spirit 24 X 7.

Like, music accompanied with soft, soothing and easy flowing images induces a feeling of relaxation and peace in our mind and  thus help us lower our nervousness and tension.
From innumerable researches on the effect of music and visual elements on our life, it is quite evident that our relationship with music and visual elements can safeguard an insightful support on a spiritual healing level. The right use of colours, shapes, frequency and sound can help keep our souls healthy!



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  1. I’m a guitarist and ya sometimes i sing also.. And really i know how much music help a person to grow.. Sometimes i really feel, what i would have been if i would have never plugged any strings.. Really Appreciate this article..:-) thanks for such a useful article..:-):-) everything mentioned is really true…

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